of Parga

The venetian castle of Parga

The medieval castle of Parga with many buildings in it, situated on a hill-fort cape on the right side of the city, the harbor entrance and is accessible by narrow alleys and stairs. In the central area have been reconstructed two main buildings that host theater performances and exhibitions. The castle is open from early morning to late evening.

Castle of Ali Pasha

The castle of Ali Pasha is situated on a hill between the villages Anthousa and Agia, 5 km north of Parga. It is a massive and majestic building which has been preserved in very good condition.
During the tour you will see the underground tanks, the gunpowder and the rooms of Ali Pasha, with fireplace and cabinets. The location offers a breathtaking view to the Ionian islands. At night the illuminated castle, offering a spectacular sight.

The island of Panagia Parga

The verdant island is right in front of the harbor of Parga, at a very short distance, which one can even go swimming.
Panagia island owes its name to the Virgin Mary church with its characteristic steeple, located there. At the highest point of the island there is a beautiful French castle.

The watermill of Luke

The watermill of Luke, built under old plane trees, has become a folk museum which takes you time and give you moments of relaxation.


Within the city of Parga is situated Krioneri facing the Islet of Virgin Mary. Adjacent to the east lies the Piso Krioneri, a small beach is also within the town of Parga, surrounded by high cliffs.

To the west of Parga perhaps lies the most famous beach in the area, Valtos, a large and well developed tourist beach overlooking the back of the castle and houses of the area of Parga area called Tourkopazaro.
In East 3 km outside the town is the beach Lichnos, which has two small sea caves. The beach is sandy, with some spots with pebbles, and is considered one of the most beautiful in Parga. Approximately 6 km east of Parga is Ai Giannakis. Finally six kilometers west of Parga, near the village of Agia, is the beach Sarakiniko.
Within walking distance from Anthousa, lies the secluded beach of Agios Sostis with turquoise water and picturesque rocks intricate formations. Right next to Agios Sostis there are deserted beaches Spartilas and Plakero. You can also visit the beaches of Sivota, ie Karavostasi, Arilas, Agia Paraskevi and many others.

Trekking & Outing

Breathtaking images of paradise with raging waterfall, towering trees and stone, traditional mills (one of which has been converted into quaint cafe) you will see if you follow the walking path Anthousas-Valtos 2 km long.

Another walk (1.5 km) up the castle of Ali Pasha overlooks the village with panoramic view embraces the whole region.

Parga summer is daily connected through coastal connection with Paxos-Antipaxos and sources of the river Acheron with Nekromantio that the ancient Greeks believed they were the gates of Hades.

Another historical destination is the ancient Nikopolis at Preveza. One of the top destinations are the picturesque port of Sivota. Along the way, you’ll find beautiful beaches. An hour from Parga lies the romantic city of Ioannina, where you can visit the ancient theater of Dodona.

From the port of Igoumenitsa you can take a day trip to the beautiful island of Corfu.